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Personal Training Services

Personal Training Services

Offering private, group or partner personal training in San Diego. Unique programs created specifically with your fitness goals in mind. Read more »

90 Day Weight Loss Program

90 Day Body Transformation Program helps my clients successfully lose up to 35 lbs. and ultimately changes their life! Read more »

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Follow my weekly blog discussing fitness trends, nutrition, exercise, supplement products, and everything in between. Read more »

Client Success Stories & Testimonials

Read the inspirational stories about how others have discovered true balance within their own lives! Read more »

Time to Achieve True Balance in Your Life

Have you tried to get in shape, only to start off strong and then lose motivation? Have all intentions of pushing yourself but decide to sit on the couch instead? As a certified personal trainer, I have seen and helped people from all walks of life take control of their health and take steps towards a fitter, healthier life. Whether you are in shape and looking for a training program to optimize your existing regimen, are rehabbing an injury, or haven’t exercised in years, I can help you reach your goals with personalized training programs and nutrition plans that will start wherever you are and end wherever you want to be.

As a San Diego personal trainer, nutrition and holistic lifestyle coach, my singular focus is to collaborate with you to create a practical program that will inspire you to make your health and well-being a daily priority. I work with you to create a personal training experience that gradually builds healthy exercise routines, challenges eating habits, suggests new ways to manage stress, and ultimately helps you transform not only your body, but also your mind and spirit.

In today's world so many of us get caught up in trying take on too much that often times we neglect taking care of ourselves. After years of stress, neglect of exercise and proper nutrition our body starts to break down and age at a more rapid pace. One day you wake up, and you don’t feel like the same vibrant and healthy individual that you once were. It's time to focus on yourself again and making ultimate health a realized part of your life.

I take a personalized approach to every client, and it is my sincere belief that through this approach it will enrich all aspects of my clients’ life in the positive way it has my own. Call me today to discuss your goals and hear how I can help you.

Read what my clients say about their personal training experience with me!

What We Do?

Dedicated to making health and wellness a sustainable priority for individuals and organizations, True Balance was established in 2005 by Andrea King, a certified San Diego personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach. Our mission is to help clients build personal strength, improve fitness, and to incorporate realistic and sustainable nutritional practices for long term health and wellness.

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